Now this guy is really miserable. Tan Sui, the great elder, also had a fairy device, and he lost it when he attacked the Xu family. Now he has a multiplier sword in his hand.

Bang bang—
Xu Ren’s attack directly broke through the man’s defense, forcing the man to meet with a sword in his hand. However, although the strength of the two men after the merger of 2001 was still not up to the level of Tan Suisheng, it was not weak, but it successfully resolved Xu Ren’s offensive.
Xu Ren didn’t succeed once, and he was not discouraged. He directly waved Xinghai sword and launched a more violent attack.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-four Struggle deep in the soul
In the face of Xu Ren’s attack, Tan Sui and Lu Xin joined together and a monk rose up to resist. Although their current state is bad enough, they are still alive. Today, if he can’t pass the hurdle of Xu Ren, they will end up dead. Moreover, because he is now two incomplete souls, even he can’t imagine what the result is after death. Anyway, it should not be too good. Whether he can enter reincarnation is also unknown.
"Don’t stubbornly resist. I’m afraid you two have killed many people since you got to this point. Are you going to continue to harm others?" Xu Ren said while attacking.
"I harm a person is not all you force me to harm a person if it weren’t for your injury is too heavy? Say harm to people should also be calculated to your head is that you harm talents "by Tan Sui and Lu Xin and a monk immediately roared after hearing Xu Ren’s words.
"You say this is unreasonable. Will you be hurt by me if you don’t go to the Xu family for trouble? Besides, I hurt Tan Sui, but I didn’t hurt you, Lu Xin. It’s your elder Tan Sui. If it weren’t for him, you could still live well. People like this are not ghosts and ghosts. "Xu Renke doesn’t agree with each other’s point of view. You know, if Piaoyun Mountain doesn’t take the initiative to provoke him, where will he provoke Piaoyun Mountain? It’s that obsessed Lu Xin who wants to win Du Qiyan’s favor and just wants to help Du family crush the Xu family. This makes Piaoyun Mountain slain. To say that Lu Xin is really a shame bear child.
Xu Ren voice behind that by tan sui and lu heart together a monk body suddenly appeared a fluctuation.
Although the fluctuation was slight, it was captured by Xu Ren.
This is a great discovery for Xu Ren. Although Tan Sui and Lu Xin are two souls twisted together, it can be seen that Tan Sui is still the leader.
This is also normal. After all, Tan Sui’s strength is far from Lu Xin’s, and even if he was seriously injured, his mental strength is stronger than Lu Xin’s, and the fusion of these two souls is also dominated by Tan Sui.
This fluctuation makes Xu Ren feel that the soul fusion of Lu Xin Tan Sui is not necessarily willing. After all, a good person who wants to suddenly have a soul in his body but also dominate his body and will.
"Don’t talk nonsense, we are all blamed on you." The monk dominated by Tan Sui was forced to suppress the fluctuation, and his heart seemed to be a little panicked. After all, things were like what Xu Ren said, they were looking for Xu Ren first.
"Where am I talking nonsense? Tan Sui, you wounded old ghost don’t even let go of a younger generation. What’s the difference between living alive at the expense of occupying Lu Xin’s body? Poor Lu Xin is a young talent, and his bright future is ruined by you. "Since I feel that Lu Xin Tan Sui’s spiritual integration is not so harmonious, Xu Ren certainly has to make a good profit.
There was another wave of fluctuation in the monk’s body, which was stronger than before.
"Heart, I promise you, I’ll take someone else’s body and give it back to you. At this point, we must be consistent with each other." Tan Suiyin was dignified because he had already felt the resistance of Lu Xin in the depths of his heart.
"That’s very nice to say. When you are restored, you will go to take possession of others? It’ s not so beautiful to take away someone else. It’ s not weak to have a good appearance. The most important thing is that it’ s perfect to stay in this body for so long, and there will be no rejection. " Xu Ren got no matter what that Tan Sui was thinking, anyway, when he said this, Lu Xin had to think about it.
The body exudes more and more fluctuations and is dominated by Tan Sui. Lu Xin’s face shows pain and struggle.
"Don’t resist. You are not as strong as me. If you resist again, we will both die." Tan Sui was in a hurry, and Lu Xin’s resistance has become more and more fierce
"Right, right, don’t resist. You both have to die. If you don’t resist, Lu Xin will die by yourself." At this moment, Xu Ren is not in a hurry. Let Lu Xin Tan Sui be fascinated by each other and compete for mutual consumption. When both sides lose, he can reap the benefits of others.
"Lu Xin, don’t make a toast. If you resist again, I don’t mind taking possession." Tan Sui was really anxious. Xu Ren said that there was nothing wrong with him. He really felt that Lu Xin’s body was very suitable for him to take possession, but his mind was damaged too badly. At that time, if the chances of success in taking possession directly were too low, he coaxed Lu Xin to let the two spirits merge together.
"The fox’s tail is exposed, isn’t it? Tan Sui, when you were seriously injured, you were not sure what to give up, and then you retired for a second time. Then you boiled the frog in warm water, which consumed Lu Xin’s mind a little bit. Lu Xin, did you find that with Tan Sui’s recovery, your sleep became longer and longer, and if you don’t fight back, I’m afraid it won’t be long before you will never wake up?" Xu Ren also fanned the flames to stimulate Lu Xin’s desire for survival and sent a more intense struggle to Tan Sui.
"Tan Sui, you old ghost, you owe me and my dad so much trust in you that you actually calculated me." Lu Xin regained control of his body for the first time. At this moment, he felt that what Xu Ren said was very reasonable. He was calculated by Tan Sui.
"Damn it!" Tan Sui, another soul of Lu Xin’s body, has been frustrated at the moment. His plan was unexpectedly disturbed by Xu Ren.
But at this time, Tan Sui is facing the biggest crisis, or Lu Xin is fighting back. The soul is Lu Xin, and the fit of this body is 100%. Although he is trying to adapt to this body, after all, it is not the fit of his original body, which is worse than Lu Xin.
"Lu Xin, your existing home court advantage, has a higher physical fitness than Tan Sui’s. If you do this, you will be forced out of Tan Sui’s mind, so you are almost alive and dead." Xu Ren aside Lu Xin pointed out that although he had no good impression on Lu Xin, he didn’t like people like Tan Sui.
Then Tan Sui and Lu Xin showed the intensity of fierce fighting, or Tan Sui occupied the wind and Lu Xin but occupied the home court advantage. The two souls killed each other and eventually became weaker and weaker.
Xu Ren is watching quietly, and now he doesn’t have to start work. Even if the last party wins, I’m afraid life is not long.
Although Lu Xin’s body didn’t move, it kept emitting fluctuations and it was stronger every time.
At the moment, Lu Xin’s spirit has already spent one third, and Tan Sui’s spirit has also spent a lot, but overall, he still has the advantage.
With the passage of time, Lu Xin was getting weaker and weaker, and eventually she was completely swallowed up by Tan Sui, and this body identity was completely turned into Tan Sui.
Xu Ren shook his head that Lu Xin was still too tender, and the soul struggle was a far cry from Tan Sui, a wily old fox.
Just after Tan Sui took over Lu Xin’s body, Xu Ren also offered his carefully prepared sword array.
Now his sword array is much more powerful than before, and it also has a certain ability to suppress his soul.
"Now I should call you Tan Sui, and you still won Lu Xin." After arranging the sword array, Xu Ren sighed slightly. I’m afraid this situation will never change, even if you are close to someone, you will not hesitate to make moves. It’s really terrible.
"Although I won Lu Xin, I still lost to you. Actually, we all lost. You are our destiny takes a hand’s nemesis. I really don’t understand how there can be people like you in this world." Tan Sui, the anti-guest, looked at Xu Ren’s eyes, not only hopeless but also full of despair.
"Many lines of injustice will kill you, not me, but yourself. Tan Sui or Lu Xinshi deserve to die. You all have many deserving lives." Xu Ren controls the sword array. He can’t let Lu Xin or Tan Sui kill them. Not only can that life get back to justice, but he can also eradicate a future trouble.
Tan Sui, who took Lu Xin’s body, gave birth to a feeling of being unwilling to be sad at the moment. His generation lived cautiously and never let himself venture. Only then did he live to such an age, but he didn’t expect that he was old and the sewer was overturned. Who would have thought that a small county family was undiscovered?
Of course, his luck was too bad, and he was seriously injured and escaped. He also kidnapped an apprentice and grandson, which made him take possession of his life. Unexpectedly, a negligence provoked Xu Ren again. This time, it was a bit of a day to get rid of his meaning.
"I’m not content that I haven’t lived enough!" Tan Sui growled and tried to resist the contraction of the sword array.
"You this person is really an old shameless not bashful say unwilling? I’m not ashamed to say that I haven’t lived enough. Have you ever thought about whether the family you killed is unwilling or not? And those monks who killed Piaoyun Mountain when you left Xujia, are they willing to live and not live enough? " Xu Ren frowning for this Tan Sui he is also very angry.
Tan Sui also resisted Nai Xu Ren’s control of the sword array, which was too powerful. He was a lost soul. How could he resist the strangulation of the sword array?
Chapter three hundred and ninety-five A keen
Although Tan Sui was full of unwillingness, his present state could not resist Xu Renjian’s array. Even if there was no amount of unwillingness in his heart, it would not help, and he was finally strangled completely by Xu Renjian’s array.
Xu Ren was slightly relieved that he had always been worried about these people, and Xu Jia had dissolved his hatred. It was a hidden threat for Xu Jia to keep them alive for one more day in this world. Now Tan Sui and Lu Xin have been completely beheaded by him, and his heart can naturally be slightly relieved.
Of course, it’s just a little sigh of relief, because he is most worried that there is no news about Lu Sanshan. That talent is the biggest worry in his heart. After all, Lu Sanshan is a master who can escape from the Xuan Gui Ding. Although he was not strong in repairing strength at that time, he couldn’t give full play to the true power of the Xuan Gui Ding, but the Xuan Gui Ding is still there, even if Xu Ren can’t play its power, he should not be underestimated
After cleaning up the mess, Xu Ren went on his way again, and he didn’t want to go back to that town. Anyway, all the family feuds were reported to the yamen, so let it be a case-solving.
After leaving the hillside, Xu Ren probably identified a direction and then plunged to the west
Although Xu Ren is in no hurry to go to Yuehua Xianmen, he also wants to see more local conditions and customs around Yuehua Xianmen.
Xu Renshi, of course, is selfish. In case the wind of this Yuehua Xianmen is too overbearing, he has to wake up. He has to keep a little distance from Yuehua Xianren and can’t do everything.
On this day, Xu Ren came to a small county, which was much bigger than the town he had been to before, and it was also richer. Judging from the architectural style, people here lived a better life than other places.
At the edge of the city, Xu Ren slowed down and planned to take a rest in the city and look at the local conditions and customs here.
As soon as Xu Rencai entered the city, he heard someone shouting, "Get out of the way."
Xu Ren followed the sound and found a young man galloping on a high street.
This scene also made Xu Ren frown slightly. The young man’s behavior is somewhat similar to that before him, but he doesn’t know if he is really a dude or pretending to be a dude.
Most people have avoided this dude’s galloping on horseback. A little girl was pushed to the ground and when she got up, she couldn’t escape.
Xu Ren, of course, can’t watch a little girl being trampled by that big burly horse. He immediately flickered directly to the little girl’s side and then directly pulled the little girl up next to him to avoid the collision of that big burly horse.
"Are you all right?" Saved the little girl Xu Ren slightly relieved asked.
The little girl was frightened, and now she turned pale and kept trembling. Xu Ren seemed to be unable to hear her at all.
Xu Ren saved the little girl, and at the same time, the burly horse suddenly leaned back and turned over directly.
The male gang turned over directly with extraordinary skill, and then fell asleep firmly.
"Boldness has disturbed my young master’s horse. I think you are looking for death." The accompanying servant jumped up before the boy could speak.
"It’s not polite that my horse was surprised first and almost hit someone. It’s our fault first." The man dressed up hurriedly spoke to stop the servant from losing his temper.
"Master, these men have never seen the world at first sight, and you don’t have to be polite to them." Servants did not converge after listening to the official words, but they remained adamant4.
"I don’t blame them for saying this. Are you deaf?" That dude is angry, too. On weekdays, these people don’t take him seriously, so forget it. Today, he has spoken, and the other party is still so adamant, which is too disrespectful to him.
"Young master is also young, and if you don’t reward him, it’s just that. How can you blame me?" The servant raised the sound track
Xu Ren also frowned after hearing the conversation between the master and servant. This two points are against the arrogance of the elder brother, but the servant is cocky
"Shut up!" The male is very angry, but he seems to be resistant to the servant.
Xu Ren nodded to the man and indicated that his spirit could naturally be felt. What the man said before was not made into a branch. He still respected the man.
That male elder brother can also apologize and smile when he sees Xu Ren nodding to himself. Although he is the second young master in the family, he is not in a position to even listen to him.
"Where is your home? I’ll take you back." Xu Ren decided to be a good man to the end. If he didn’t send the little girl back, I’m afraid the little girl would still be in trouble.
"I’m fine and I can go home by myself." The little girl was still cautious. Although Xu Ren saved her, she didn’t know whether Xu Ren was a good person or a bad person, and she didn’t tell Xu Ren where her family lived.

It’s a pity that they met Liu Xuan, a guy who is limited to the big tattoo artist.

Even if there is no five-line spirit-breaking tactic, the ban is not difficult for Liu Xuan, but with the five-line spirit-breaking tactic, he will lose interest in cracking this rune, see Liu’s wrist and then gently put the ban on it. With his gesture, the barrier that just emerged gradually disappeared.
Is it true that Liuxuan’s mouth is only a three-combination symbol grain ban to block the door?
He took the deep and remote cold sword in his hand, and the deep and remote cold brought its own illusion to start the whole person, just like disappearing into the air. Of course, this is a visual effect. If you encounter a god who is stronger than Liu Xuan, you can crack it. But is the northern fortress better than Liu Xuan?
But Guo Laogui is also a pity that Guo Laogui is not here, and Guo Laogui didn’t appear. Liu Xuan just walked in so boldly. Of course, he belongs to stealth effect.
Prison is not the same as the outside. Fortunately, Liuxuan has illusion, otherwise it will be found when he enters the door. It is no exaggeration for the prison department to say that it is ten steps, one whistle and five steps.
It’s really a prison here, but most of the cells are Liu Xuan who walked in all the way, but only three or five prisoners were seen, and all of them looked stupid, their eyes were blank, and they couldn’t see the machine, but they were like a fear of walking dead.
Liu Xuan can’t help but wonder if prisoners are so nervous just like three or five idiots.
At this time, a roar came from the depths of the cell, which sounded particularly frightening. It seemed like a painful cry and a roar of a beast. At that time, I couldn’t hear a natural sound, but the horse attracted Liu Xuan’s attention.
At the end of the cell, there are three torture chambers, which are different from ordinary cells. These torture chambers are all stone prisons, but each stone prison door has a window for outsiders to observe.
Liuxuan walked over and saw a picture that he couldn’t imagine.
There was a man in the first room, a man covered in blood, a man who seemed to have been skinned or a man who had been killed in the middle of the year. Liu Xuan was shocked at that time. How could this happen? This man was still bound by his hands and feet, and his wounds were not knife wounds, just like being torn, but judging from his clothes, these injuries were not imposed by outsiders. He looked more like his natural tears.
Liu Xuan was covered in wounds, and it was only from his bare skin that he could see the appearance of his wounds. His blood was almost drained, but he still didn’t die, and he gasped and didn’t know when he would suddenly die.
Liu Xuan secretly bit Kouga. This result is very obvious. Qin people must have been banned this day. Although I don’t know what kind of ban it is, it looks quite a bit like southern Xinjiang method techniques.
The second one looks like a man dressed in prison, but his body is clean and he looks very excited and growls constantly. It seems that Liu Xuan just heard the roar and actually came out of him.
Although the man was handcuffed and shackled, it didn’t affect his actions. He kept pacing back and forth in his cell. He was excited for a while and screamed for a while. When he was excited, he muttered something in his mouth. After a while, he became painful and slammed his head against the stone prison wall.
Liu Xuan shook his head. This man has gone crazy. The result is estimated to be the same as that of several others outside. Now he is finally white. yevgeny will say that dozens of officials have been taken away, but none of them have gone back. These officials who have been taken away are either dead like the first cell or crazy like the second. Liu Xuan doesn’t know if there is a third result, but it seems that Beifan people are not going to let Qin people leave for a day.
Liuxuan couldn’t help wondering why Beifan people would choose officials to test it. I thought this in my heart and went to the third single stone prison involuntarily.
The third single stone prison is not just a person. There are four people in this stone prison. Liu Xuan actually knows two of them. One is naturally the Tianqin official who was taken away during the day today, and the other is the military giant Kaps Jin of Beifan Fortress.
The other two people, one is a mysterious man wrapped in black cloth, and the other is an ordinary Qin man. On that day, when Liu Xuan came to the door of the third stone prison, Qin people seemed to look at Liu Xuan’s position faintly.
So ordinary at a glance, Liu Xuan suddenly turned up a shocking wave in his heart. Liu Xuan’s heart was crazy and shocked not only because of this look, but also because his gods were violently hit. If his concentration was not strong enough, he might have been stared at instantly.
422, shocking conspiracy five
Liu Xuan found that there were four people in the stone prison, besides Kaps Jin and the Tianqin official who was brought in during the day, there was a package of black cloth and a very powerful opponent.
It’s a very, very powerful opponent who shocked Liu Xuan at a glance. Liu Xuan immediately concluded that this must be a pulse-changing strong man. I didn’t expect that the Beifan people were so bold to send troops to attack the northern fortress and even sent more than one pulse-changing strong man at the same time.
It’s a taboo thing to say simply. You know, Tianqin and Fanren Conference semifinals have an agreement, but the top ten Xuanmen don’t intervene in the world struggle, but other countries are not allowed to place troops to repair people’s strength. Although it is said that the parties to this agreement didn’t belong to the allies with Tianqin at that time, this agreement belongs to the whole Tianqin mainland.
I can’t believe that the people in the north are so reckless that the fortress in the north is even more than Guo Lao’s ghost. The strong Liuxuan has seen two pulse steps with his own eyes. I wonder if there is a third one.
Fortunately, Liuxuan kept the truth-seeking tactic at any time when he was moving. If it wasn’t for his truth-seeking tactic, he would have hidden the breath. Now I’m afraid he has been discovered by the other side’s strong pulse order.
When Liu Xuan’s heart was shocked, the mysterious man in the black cloth suddenly burst into a strange laugh. "It has become a god who helps those who help themselves. This has also become so that you have five controlled Qin officials. If it is shipped that day, Qin will do everything possible."
Kaps gold is also hey hey insidious smile counted "it depends on your country. If there is no magic medicine in your country, I’m afraid we have the strength to sweep Tianqin in the north, and there is no way to implement this plan. It’s true that you people in the east are like ghosts, and only you can come up with such a dirty trick."
Liu Xuan’s heart moved. It turns out that this guy is a ghost from the East. Others call this country the North and the East, but it’s actually a completely different name. People in the North like to call them fighting nations or bears from the North. Because there are many people in the North, they like to totem bears or wolves. Even the name of their imperial capital is Xuelang Lake, but there are few such polite names for the East and the East. People in the East like to call them ghosts or ghosts directly.
Among the countries around Tianqin, the northern people’s territory has the greatest strength, but the northern people’s uninhibited personality has always been very good with Tianqin, and the worst with Tianqin is that the eastern people of Qindong are the rarest, and they are also unpopular. A hundred years ago, the multinational war was waged by the eastern people. Although they are a mere island country, their ambitions have always been the smallest and smallest, and they almost succeeded. If it were not for the top ten Xuanmen of Tianqin, I am afraid they would have won a hundred years ago.
However, even though it was driven out of the mainland by Tianqin, the ghost ambition of Dongfan has never been extinguished. It is said that in recent years, due to the weakening influence of the top ten Xuanmen, they have maliciously publicized the negative materials of the top ten Xuanmen of Qin people, and they want to poison the minds of young people in the country, so that they can brand their hatred of Qin at an early age.
Afraid of prestige but unwilling to be grateful means that Dongfan people remember that there was a dispute over a xianrentai island Dongfan people in the former dynasty. The former emperor thought that Tianqin was a big country in China and should have the tolerance of China, so he planned to give xianrentai to Dongfan, but Dongfan people didn’t appreciate it. They thought that they deserved it, not only because they didn’t have Huaide, but also because they were angry. At last, the navy forcibly took back xianrentai at that time. Up to now, xianrentai should be Tianqin Dongfan people’s solution.
"Don’t be wild with fear of power" used to mean that in some small countries around you, you keep giving him favors in the hope of achieving your goals. This is not possible. You have to give him favors to let him know that you are good. In addition, Dongfang people are characterized by ingratitude. He can’t remember how much kindness you have given him, but once you offend him for something, he won’t forget how little it is.
They will be honest only when they have absolute strength. If the top ten Xuanmen are in power or participate in the secular struggle in Tianqin, the ghosts in the Middle East are broken and dare not be so rampant. But it is because Xuanmen pays attention to cultivating the mind and getting rid of dust that they finally understand their own failure in the past. If Tianqin destroys the country and the people are displaced and hungry, Xuanmen forces will easily not intervene in the secular struggle.
The parcel black cloth east fan mocked Kaps gold but didn’t mean that he was ridiculous. "The experiment is still too little, and I’m still too low. The vice is too big. If it’s a master’s hand, the success of the Xuan can be 10% higher, or if it’s a master’s hand, the success of the Xuan can reach 40%. But it can be done for the time being. Let’s take a look at the functions of the last few days. I believe these people can try it. If we get Silla and Xiang Wang to help us control the day, it can be achieved."
Liu Xuan has understood the dialogue between Kaps Jin and Dongfan Ghost. It seems that Dongfan Ghost found that it was impossible to invade Tianqin by its own national strength alone, and some new officials were catalyzed by him in a special way. They meant to hold these officials hostage, and they planned to hold the new king hostage to make the princes. In this way, although the sky is still Qin, it is actually controlled by Dongfan and Beifan people, and they can gradually devour March, cede territory for half a year, pay compensation and finally swallow Tianqin.
When thinking about their plan, Liu Xuan couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat. This trick is simply vicious. For example, if several major forces he visited really got Qi Xin’s words, Qin was really in danger that day.
Liu Xuan more think more afraid also dare not listen to, for fear of being discovered by the famous pulse order strong hundreds of soldiers encirclement and suppression, even myself, I’m afraid there is absolutely no survival, so he must first report back to his legacy.
423, shocking conspiracy six
Liu Xuan, the catalytic person, couldn’t help but think of the five thousand troops who were catalyzed by the power of the small report. They were also catalyzed by drugs. Hu brushed their hands and catalyzed guanyu. These people turned out to be drugs. If you think about it, I’m afraid not. Are these all the ghosts of Dongfan people?
If that’s the case, Dongfan people have played a big game of chess. You should know that Wang Xiang, Han Mo and even all the anti-Qin forces were supported by Dongfan people this day, and it seems that it’s not just Dongfan country because he heard what the Dongfan ghost said.
Liu Xuan can feel that the ghost body is similar to the fluctuation of spiritual practice. Then the so-called head grandmaster in his mouth is naturally the Xuanmen power. But what kind of Xuanmen power will have such a strong ability to support so many forces at the same time? Don’t say that it is not just the Hyderabad religion and the remnants of the previous dynasty. If you count him again, he has just arrived in Silla and King Xiang, and now Liu Xuan in the north is already afraid to imagine.
When he retired from prison, Liu Xuan felt that he was being stared at. This feeling was that when he was a child, he was like being stared at by a wild animal. You knew he couldn’t find it.
Liuxuan is a little flustered. Just now, the situation in the prison is that it’s a big conspiracy. If the other party finds out, I’m afraid it’s a hundred thousand soldiers, and I won’t let myself leave. But now it seems that everything is fine. It seems that this pulse order is feeling wrong, but I still can’t determine my identity. If he breaks my identity, it’s really bad.
Thought of here LiuXuan don’t hesitate to fly sword deep and remote cold directly throw up the fly sword head and don’t fly back to the south.
The fortress in the north is forbidden, but now it is not wartime, and secondly it consumes a lot of money. No one can always keep the forbidden place. Generally, when there is no war, the forbidden place is closed, which gives Liu Xuan a chance to get away. It is strange to see a light blue shadow flying in the direction of Tianqin.
Liu Xuan’s flying sword on this side didn’t react until he followed the pulse order. During the flight, Liu Xuan felt a slight shock and an overwhelming pressure from the side. He hurriedly added his head and saw that there was a red and white Changhong following his own speed.
This LiuXuan would have expected the pulse order. How could the strong not have their own magic weapon? The other side’s flying sword must be far away. If it is a powerful pulse order, I’m afraid the flying sword has surpassed the boundary of Lingbao and may have reached the multiplier point. If it is true, it is estimated that it will be chased by the other side within a hundred miles.
Liu Xuan, also known as an artist, is bold. He is not afraid of finding and being chased by the pulse order. He is most afraid of being found by the northern fortress military, but from the current situation, the other party has not informed the northern military.
So LiuXuan relieved that if it weren’t for the marginal sea tactics, even if the strength of the other side is strong, he is not without a fighting force. Even if he can’t beat it, he can always run away. Don’t say that he is pregnant with longevity. It is estimated that he can also hide away.
At first, the northern fortress was the first male in the sky. At first, the ground still felt tall. It was not until Liu Xuan flew that he really felt the grandeur of the northern fortress. The first male on this day was really not white. Don’t say that it spanned nearly a hundred miles from left to right, plus the thickness of more than a dozen miles. Counting the battlements, a single northern fortress covers an area of several hundred miles. Fiona Fang is really as people often say that this fortress is like an iron lock, which has blocked the passage of Tianqin Beifan.

"Who is a relative with him!"

Say that finish Sun Yi "hum" a turn my back to don’t talk.
Su Yonglin shook his head.
"I know that the righteous brother has no selfishness in this matter. He wants to ask for some benefits for the ministries. Brothers call Sanzhou with their heads and want a birthright. It’s not too much. The Grand Commander really owes consideration to this."
Sun Yi turned and caught a glimpse of Su Yonglin.
"Just now, you didn’t say that in front of everyone. Now, it seems that you Su Yuting is also a slick generation! Will gossip behind your back! Little people! "
Su Yonglin shook his head with a face of nai.
"Just that kind of occasion I help you to talk is not to give the grand marshal? Is he coming to Taiwan? He is still a grand marshal, of course, in front of so many people. "
"Then you go to him! Don’t come and talk to me! One bite at a time … Why don’t you join hands to get rid of me! Or my horse will go by itself and don’t want you to rush! "
Sun Yi angry staring at Su Yonglin nu way "are you so towards him and he have any secret agreement? Are you two going to join hands to crowd me out? "
"Brother Yi’s words are poor!"
Su Yonglin busy said, "I, you came to Yidu on the same day, and you handed in the list together. I really don’t know if I have time to meet the Grand Commander alone. It’s really not a secret agreement."
The main reason is that so many new soldiers who joined the retrocession just stood there and looked at us three uprising elders, causing conflicts. Where should we put the marshal’s face together without giving it to the marshal? What about those soldiers who participated in the recovery?
Let’s play the banner of Shan Zhao and the banner of Grand Commander. Everyone knows that the Grand Commander of the Guangfu Army is Shan Zhao, not Sun Yi, not Su Yonglin. The Guangfu Army needs a real Grand Commander. This is the overall consideration!
And where is Brother Yi going? Without us, let’s split up and disperse our forces, and finally be defeated by the gold thieves one by one, or should Brother Yi think that the gold thieves can let you go and pretend that nothing happened? "
Sun Yi "hum" again without refuting.
But he was still angry.
"The big picture, the big picture, the big picture, I took the brothers to attack the city with their heads and what did the gold thief kill? Isn’t it wealth? If I don’t get rich and turn over, why don’t I fight for my life and not follow him to revolt in Zhaoshan?
After winning the war, you asked me to write to him and let him call himself the head of Shandong Province. He sealed himself and it was our turn. Why should he reciprocate? Tri-state, it’s me. I asked him for a birthright. What’s wrong with the reward?
He gave nothing. He gave nothing! Do you want me to continue to go with my brothers? I will when the time comes, and none of my brothers will! Su Yuting, how can I tell my brothers? "
Sun yiyue said that he was getting angry.
Su Yonglin is smiling.
"So didn’t I ask for a reward for you?"
"Do I want that?"
Sun Yiqi turned around and looked at Su Yonglin. "I don’t care if he is the main manager of Shandong. I promise to agree with him to be bigger. I don’t mind, but it’s my credit that I called Sanzhou, right? I don’t want anything, either. Why don’t he be a big manager and I be a small manager?
I’m not just myself, I think I can give my brothers some rewards when I become a small manager. You can be a secretariat and a county magistrate, and everyone can be rich with a reward.
But he gave nothing. Nothing! Yuting, you’re also fighting for the city. Don’t you mind? Do you mind if he doesn’t seal those places for you to manage? When the time comes, we’ll work hard at the front line, and he’ll change hands and seal us off to someone else to be in charge. Will you? "
Sun Yi’s angry words blurted out like a barrage, and Su Yonglin couldn’t find a chance to interrupt when he wanted to interrupt.
Very easy when he finished Su Yonglin quickly cut in.
"No brother how can do that? He knows that it is necessary to prioritize and reward, and now we just don’t have time. "
Su Yonglin stretched out his hand and took Sun Yi’s hand. "Brother Yi, what we need is to unite as one to fight against the gold thief instead of having a little birthright here, which is not good for us."
The army of gold thieves will definitely come, and none of us can fight against the gold thieves alone without the Guangfu Army as a whole. We don’t have the strength. We must unite closely to fight against the gold thieves! "
Sun Yi looked at her face and Su Yonglin took a deep breath and was silent for a while, but her face was still full of unhappiness.
I’ll talk to him later.
"You know wisely, but Zhao Shan doesn’t necessarily know wisely like you! I think he is a greedy generation! Short-sighted! Hey! "
Then Sun Yi shook Su Yonglin’s hand. "You go home, I want to rest."
Su Yonglin smiled and nodded his head.
"Knowing the general situation is not my righteous brother, but also knowing the general situation. We still have to support each other and rely on each other. The current commander also promised to reward the merits and rewards after the war on Shandong West Road."
"Say all the beautiful words!"
Sun Yi turned over a supercilious look again and left without saying hello to Su Yonglin, so he left here to dry.
Su Yonglin sighed and turned away by himself.
Sun Yi’s side is barely appeased Zhao Shan, who also needs him to mediate.
Chapter 73 Ideals belong to ideals and interests to interests
Everything that happened at this moment was expected by Su Yonglin.
When Sun Yi asked him to hand over the list together, he expected that there would be some movement here in Zhaoshan.
I didn’t expect Zhao Shan to react a little too aggressively.
At the top, it’s called failure to achieve great things. At the bottom, it’s just shallow eyelids.
Congenital deficiency The first crack appeared in the rebel group of the Guangfu Army at this moment.
But in this way, Zhao Shan is Su Yonglin’s satisfied "brother". If he is atmospheric enough and generous enough, Su Yonglin thinks these things are not easy to fuck.
To put it bluntly, the Guangfu Army or Zhaoshan is full of tools in his eyes.
Zhaoshan and Guangfu Army have positive significance in a specific historical stage, but it is a stumbling block in the following historical stage.
Having said that, it would be premature for the Guangfu Army to split openly now.
In Su Yonglin’s vision, the Guangfu Army should at least sweep across half of the Central Plains and start a prairie fire before splitting, instead of splitting when the fire first started.
As a result, he also needs adhesive to form two sides with the mud to maintain the surface joint.
On the other hand, from the leader’s point of view, there is nothing wrong with Zhao Shan’s approach, but it is a mess in practice and process.
It is normal and necessary for leaders to win victory by themselves. The army is not only a military leader but also a spiritual leader, firmly controlling the victory of the army.
It’s normal for Zhao Shan to be the absolute leader of the Guangfu Army, but it’s better to be gentle.
Pass me the list of awards. You don’t say a word, you don’t give any awards, you don’t even want to give money to the real Guangfu army. Are they all fighters who want human liberation?
But even the material needs of human liberation soldiers are as much as giving.
Who can fight on an empty stomach?
Su Yonglin, in addition to literacy and political and ideological education for the army, has a lot of material things, which is definitely not just a slap in the face.
The soldiers of Victory Army definitely followed Su Yonglin not only because of their ideas.
People have a very realistic side.
Ideal belongs to ideal, benefit belongs to benefit, and most people still have to rely on benefit to drive their own needs, or they have to get basic satisfaction.
Su Yonglin has long established the rule that all seized goods belong to the public, which is a unity from the era of smuggling salt dealers to the present victory army.
But it is also public to seize and return to the public.
He will do everything he can to improve the living standards and equipment of the army, ensure that everyone has enough to eat, wear warm clothes and occasionally improve their lives.
It’s not Su Yonglin’s own selfish desire to seize and return to the public, but that all people can enjoy these seizures relatively fairly.
Su Yonglin’s self-restraint ability is very strong, and he never reveals his hobbies and selfish desires.
We all have ideals and drive, and we are very satisfied with our spirit, but we are also human beings and some people have the minimum material needs.
Su Yonglin has always insisted on three meals a day, which makes the soldiers who just joined the Victory Army be dead set on him.
Actually, three meals, one meal, many meals, not bad.
I can’t say how good it is, but it’s enough to manage the grain with enough salt
Maybe he will try his best to replenish oil and water for soldiers to improve their lives.

[JiNaYao, why are you so annoying] RuanShu hates him.

Just say that she can still live a good life after marrying such a husband?
You must not be bullied to death by him all day long.
[I won’t marry you! 】 Ruan Shu qi but then sent a past sound wronged dead.
Ji Nanyao had a hard time chasing his wife all the way after hearing this, but he couldn’t just play away.
[Okay, okay, tell you! 】 Ji Nanyao thinks that this tone of voice in this generation is probably right for April.
[where? 】 Ruan Shu didn’t like to cry when he was a child. He never cried when he was beaten and scolded.
At the moment, he is so wronged that his eyes are sore.
[Come to the balcony]
Ruan Shu was surprised that she couldn’t find the original balcony.
Ruan Shu took a few steps forward and lifted the curtain. There was a small balcony there.
I walked in and was about to look for it, only to find that JiNaYao was looking at her with a mobile phone and laughing.
Chapter 61 The dead are the living who can’t cross the biggest gap.
Then RuanShu’s cell phone rang and JiNaYao called.
Although the balconies of the two rooms are close, they can’t hear the talk with the window open, so they talk directly.
Ruanshu still answered JiNa Yao Yin and whispered in her ear through the receiver, "There is nothing in your room. Don’t be paranoid."
Ji Nanyao’s voice is very calming. Ruan Shugang was very angry when he saw that he had been played.
I can’t lose my temper when I hear his voice.
"You don’t have that kind of thing in my room?" Ruan Shu still asked, but his tone was soft and he didn’t mean to question.
JiNaYao low smile "I have so chat? Don’t be afraid that I will have nothing to sleep next door to you. "
Ruan Shu, um, looked up and saw the eye. A glass separated JiNaYao hung up the phone.
Back to my room, Ruan Shu was lying in bed with his eyes closed, and then suddenly he came with me and was bewitched by this guy.
What do you mean, he’s next door? It’s okay. The most dangerous thing is next door, okay?
However, after a tiring day during the day, I just climbed high and low again. I was really tired, exhausted physically and mentally, and had no time to think. I fell asleep in bed soon this time.
I’m asleep here, but it’s lively over there at Jijia.
The hexagram group got together again to discuss the problem of the third brother.
Yan Xian made a speech. "I think it’s too difficult for the third old Cycas. We all have to help the third one to get people quickly."
Yan Ting was pregnant for more than a month and spoke first.
She is getting heavier and heavier and has been ordered not to go out. The farthest place she has been every day is Jijia Garden. It’s really boring.
It is rare to have such a big news, of course, we should actively participate.
Ji Nanqi took the lead in nodding to show that his wife said that he supported her and said everything was right.
The couple looked at each other sweetly in the fourth season, and Nanrui vomited in his heart that the sour smell of love between the old couple could not stand it.
Ye Lingshan had dinner at Jijia’s home last night. When Nanrui wanted to send her home, she found this photo, and then Jijia was busy.
She decided to stay here tonight, but as usual, she lives in the guest room next to Ji Nanrui.
Ji Nanrui’s heart is blocked and trapped, and he is looking forward to the third child to get rid of his wife quickly. Otherwise, he will have a hard time every day. Why can’t anyone help him find a way to get rid of Ye Lingshan, a little bastard?
Ji Nanfeng didn’t give Sister-in-law a face. "As for the abnormal IQ of Third Brother, I think that Miss Ruan Er can be miserable. I am more sympathetic to the future Sister-in-law."
Sheng Sheng didn’t say anything, but he agreed with Xiao Ge. To tell the truth, San Ge’s speed bar is the most important thing for a few days. He made a face-blind patient remember him so quickly.
A word cow!
She listened to Ye Lingshan and interviewed her. At that time, Ye Lingshan went to interview three times before and after.
The first time I lived in a separate ward, my fourth brother and Lingshan didn’t admit their mistakes.
On the second day of hospitalization, there happened to be a seriously ill old man who needed a separate ward. The hospital ward was not enough and Ji Nanrui was not seriously injured, so he gave the ward to the old man to live in a general ward himself.
Who knows Ruan Shu ran to the bed next to Ji Nanrui in the second interview, and the interviewed guy was forced by her interview.
He’s just a minor injury. It’s not as serious as a vegetable. He hasn’t talked about his girlfriend, let alone his ex-girlfriend.
When Ye Lingshan told her and Yan about it, they were almost laughing.
Everyone in the most critical ward knows that Ji Nanrui’s "vegetable" has been awakened.
Ji Nanrui said that he had lost his reputation as Ruan Shu.
A few young people, you said, I said, Mrs. Ji and Shen Jiaran came from the building to see them, and a group of children all asked, "I haven’t heard of Miss Ruan Jia Er before."
Miss Ruan’s family kissed Nanyao, but the child turned down the marriage with high heart. Earlier, Mrs Ruan said that Ruan’s family had the nerve to mend fences, and she refused.
Getting married is two good adults who are willing to have children but unwilling to become enemies when the time comes.
I didn’t expect that something happened to that child not long after it passed, and he was also a poor boy. If he said no, he would be gone.
"Bo Niang doesn’t blame you for not hearing that Ruan Ruan has always been very low-key and their old lady prefers her cousin to show up in public." Ye Lingshan and Ruan Shu had better speak for her naturally.
Mrs. Ji nodded. When she saw the picture, she put her hands together and prayed that the Buddha was very devout. He should like it.
The Ruan family and the Jijia family are well matched. The problem is that Nanyao and Ruan, the eldest lady of Ruan family, have a close relationship. Ruan’s birthday is to be announced. Although the results have not been announced, some people have guessed it.
The worst thing is that Nan Yao was with Miss Ruan Er soon after Ruan Yu’s accident, fearing that his name would be harmed.
Nan Yao is a scientist, and he has made contributions to mankind. In the future, he will go down in history. Is it bad for his name?
She didn’t mean to object, but I still have to ask Lao San what she thinks about these things.
After all, it’s his own business. That kid has a big idea since he was a child and has the same sex with his father. No one can guess what he thinks.
Shen Jiaran saw his cousin’s concern and smiled. "It’s rare that we have a girl who likes South Yao since childhood. Have you ever seen a bad thing with us South Yao? Don’t worry. "
Ji Jia, these children are all clever, but it’s really necessary to rank them high and low, and it has to be the cleverest in the third place.
Mrs. Ji nodded. That’s what she meant. Let’s talk about it when Lao San comes back.
As soon as the two adults left, several young people became active again. Ye Lingshan asked, "Aunt is not going to beat Yuanyang, is she?"
Although Ji Jia doesn’t interfere with the children’s marriage, he still needs the approval of his elders.
For example, Ji Nanqi and Han Cheng had a good time and a second child.
It’s hard to say that the elder Xing Sisi, who Lao Si brought home, doesn’t like it, even the strike and the south wind are full of twists and turns.
No big family is truly free to marry.
If it is true, there is no family before. Now the problem is that Ruan Yu is dead.
The dead are the living who can’t cross the biggest gap.
Ji’s family refused Ruan’s family before, but now what will Ruan’s family think if they ask for marriage again?
Ye Lingshan looked around and looked at Ji Nanrui. Ji Nanrui is her man. He is naturally her most trusted person in this family.
Chapter 62 Don’t say that you woke up thinking of me after a sleep.
If these brothers know Ji Nanyao best, it is naturally Ji Nanrui.
There is a gap of several months between them, and they are in the same class from kindergarten to high school.
The second child in ten thousand said that he was always Ji Nanyao because of his first position in front.
When Shi was in high school, he passed him once. At that time, Lao San didn’t know what he was in a bad mood. Smoking and drinking were all learned at that time.
Although he doesn’t know why, he knows that he can win or not, and there is nothing to show off.
Xiao Wu has always said that the IQ of Lao San has reached the point of abnormal condition, which he recognizes.
He decided that nothing could be done. Grandpa’s favorite heir was Lao San. I don’t know what that guy said to Grandpa. The heir became the eldest brother.
"How can the third child find a way by himself?" Ji Nanrui was sure.

"It’s easy to choke when you want to mix a little brother and sit outside to eat!"

Ji Nanfeng trotted to the dining table with a bowl in her arms, which was very funny.
Shengge served him a bowl of noodle soup to promote digestion and save his stomach.
"Sister is so delicious that you are such a good cook!" Ji Nanfeng gave his sister a thumbs-up while eating.
"Probably the little brother is too hungry!" Sit next to the south wind with your chin up.
When I was a child, my father never came home, but whenever he came back, he came back hungry. My mother made noodles for my father, and when there were no cucumbers, I scalded some vegetables, but my father liked to eat noodles covered with shredded cucumbers, saying that it was the most delicious.
"It’s delicious. When I’m hungry, I’ll ask my sister to make this noodle for me!"
"Yes, I want my little brother to like it!" Sheng Song is happy to help her family do something, so that she will feel a sense of accomplishment.
But my aunt didn’t let her go to the kitchen to help, saying that even if the girl got married, even if she didn’t walk around the kitchen every day, she would cook more than when she was a girl, and she must be pampered when she was a girl, otherwise this life would be too bitter.
Aunt really treats her like her own daughter. She doesn’t want to upset her aunt and seldom goes to the kitchen.
When she did it just now, she was really afraid that she couldn’t do it well. Now she is relieved to see the little brother eating so much.
When watching Ji Nanfeng finish eating, he sang and pushed the soup over. "It will be more comfortable to drink some noodle soup in your stomach!"
Ji Nanfeng drank a few mouthfuls of soup, but he still looked like he was not satisfied. "Sister, I have to do more. I’m not full today!"
"I’m afraid you’ll eat too much at night. Have some soup, little brother!" Strike or worry about his stomach upset
Watching Ji Nanfeng finish drinking the soup in the small bowl, he got up and brought the bowl to the kitchen for washing.
Who knows that Ji Nanfeng got up with the bowl first? "My sister helped me make the supper bowl and I must wash it myself!"
"I’ll do it!"
"Look down upon the little brother is not? Brother, that’s also the kitchen of the examination room, super an! " Ji Nanfeng made a superman move and picked his eyebrows.
Chapter 73 Give the old fuck off
"It turns out that my little brother is super an. I have always been a little brother to save the universe Altman!" Play a playful joke on him.
"Is Altman as handsome as your little brother?" Ji Nanfeng lifted her hair and put a pss on the door.
"Little brother, your eyes are not afraid of cramps!" I can’t help laughing when I see my little brother’s appearance.
Ji Nanfeng proved that his eyes were good and blinked at his sister a few times. "How did you get handsome by your little brother?"
"Handsome little brother is the most handsome!" Strike with a smile nodded seriously.
At this moment, Ji Nanfeng forgot this period, and he was no longer worried about being swayed by considerations of gain and loss. At this moment, he was her dearest little brother and she was his favorite time sister.
A free and easy, a low eyebrow and a smiling smile are the most beautiful, not knowing each other, but having years to accompany each other.
Ji Nanfeng is probably full and awake and full of energy. If he is given some music, he can really jump.
It was already 12: 10 when I finished packing and went back to my room. When Ji Nanfeng wanted to enter the room, she suddenly stopped her, "Sister Time …"
"What’s the matter?"
"… nothing sister good night!" Ji Nanfeng thinks that the way she and her sister get along like this is much more comfortable than before.
He thinks he thinks too much and has pushed himself into a dead end. They are a family and should love each other.
Yes, that’s the way it should be!
Let those who like it or not go to hell!
When I went back to my room to lie down, I suddenly thought that I was going to cook brown sugar water, but I forgot all about it after cooking noodles for my little brother.
But it’s so late. If we do it again, we may really wake everyone up. Forget it. Let’s talk about it later.
I found a warm baby and curled my legs in my lower abdomen. I was probably really tired and soon fell asleep in a daze.
Ji Nanfeng got up early. When he woke up, how could others sleep? He knocked on his sister’s door first and shouted, "Sister, get up soon!" "
After shouting, I went to my parents’ room. I learned a lesson this time and didn’t dare to break in directly. I knocked on the door and shouted, "It’s time for mom to get up!"
Ji Qingshan was bored to death by this little noise. It was not until 5: 30 when he twisted the desk lamp. "This dead child doesn’t eat breakfast to learn what to yell at!"
Shen Jiaran was also sleepy and rubbed his eyes. "You forgot that he finished his exam and took his winter vacation!"
"Winter vacation? How so early this year! " Ji Qingshan frowned, and this was the first day, and it was like this. After that, I got it.
"Dad’s ass is basking in the sun!" Ji Nanfeng’s ear pressed against the door, and when he heard his parents talking, he shouted again.
"Get out of here!" Ji Qingshan roared inside
Ji Nanfeng snickered and finally yelled at Dad. He was always picky about him, which finally made him seize the opportunity to give Dad a taste.
"Then I’ll go and ask my grandparents to get up and exercise. The old man should exercise more …" Before Ji Nanfeng finished, Ji Qingshan got up directly from bed and rushed to the door with no shoes on, pointing at him. "Little bastard, your grandmother has been insomnia recently. Dare to bother her!"
Ji Nanfeng is very sincere. "Good morning, Dad. I’m so angry early in the morning!"
Ji Qingshan was angry with him. "What a fart!"
"Go away, dad, or point to a place, or you’ll be angry if you roll wrong!"
"Looking for a cigarette, right? Go back to your room!" Ji Qingshan scratched his head. What did his generation do? What a bear child!
"Oh, you must not be my own father. How can I be so good as you?" JiNa wind tut shook his head.
Ji Qingshan consciously bent down to pick up slippers, only to find that he didn’t wear shoes when he bowed his head. Ji Nanfeng watched Dad proudly run barefoot, pointing to the back of his son. "Rabbit cub will pick you up later!"
Go back to bed and lie down, but where are you still asleep? Tossing and turning, I have to get up and scold my son a hundred times.
"This winter vacation is too early. Don’t high schools have to make up lessons?" Ji Qingshan feels that the eldest brother and the second child are not guilty. Why is it so strong to get here?
"Which course does the child make up for when he is a senior!" Shen Jiaran gave her husband a look.
"Then give him a report outside and let him have a good look at him. If he doesn’t learn for a day, he will give him a moth!" Ji Qingshan wanted to think that this method is the best.
"You are also thinking about where it is appropriate to go out!" Shen Jiaran thinks that the father and son are the clown.
"This bear child has a headache!" JiQingShan caressed his head.
Xia Shengge had a shallow sleep when she came to her period. When the south wind was noisy, she woke up. At six o’clock, everyone got up before the season.
Master Ji was also woken up. Recently, his wife woke up after 3 o’clock in the middle of the night because of insomnia. He finally read a hypnotic story for more than an hour and put her to sleep. Forget it. Get up and have a chat.
As a result, when I entered the door, I found that the family was sitting at the table, which surprised the master.
"What are you doing?"
"Grandpa and aunt said that there are still ten minutes to cook the porridge and you can have breakfast!" JiNa wind smirked way
Ji Lao looked at Sun for a long time and sighed. He looked at the cold face and said, "I have a good sun …"
Master sighed. Isn’t it sick to get up so early for breakfast during the winter vacation?
"Dad" Ji Qingshan wants to say that his family is being tossed up by this smelly little thing.
Interrupted by Master Ji, "Don’t explain anything. In a few days, I will take Xiaowu out for a holiday. This child will be raised by you again. If you want to raise it, you will also go to the party!" Master, who dares to refute it?
"Grandpa, you are the savior who saved me from suffering. Whether Xiaowu will have a good future depends on his grandparents!" Ji Nanfeng doesn’t forget to throw stones at Torre.
Small sample, this is dumbfounded, silly landlord.
Ji Qingshan wants to beat this little fellow to death … Alas, what is his father’s son? He is the one to pick it up.

The Baiyun Tower has escaped from a river more than ten miles away and lost the breath of the little red bird.

Behind the demon bird, however, its claws flicked and swept away for dozens of miles, and its height fell like a hill.
Aware of the speed of this demon bird, Baiyun Tower was secretly surprised. Although this demon bird didn’t have demon clan repair, it easily chased itself out of the light with its powerful demon body.
I’m too lazy to entangle with this demon bird, and I’m too lazy to use the method of reading Baiyun Tower. The water waves in the river around me churn and turn into a water column to meet the demon bird.
Himself, through the surging river, escaped from more than ten miles away, gathered the gas tactic, and concealed the magical powers, and successively cast their body breath and concealed the boulder at the bottom of the river.
The demon bird was shaken by the waves, and the water was all over it, and then it was gone. The bug figure failed to find its breath for a moment, and then it roared and flew away with its huge wings.
Seeing the huge demon birds flying away from Baiyun Tower and escaping from the bottom of the river, they are still hiding in their shape and carefully exploring this small world.
After some investigation, Baiyun Tower determined that this time it was not that its size became smaller, but that the world was larger than normal trees, flowers and plants, but there were also unusually tall and stout trees.
Although I just saw a monster bird, it can be seen from the two scars on the monster bird’s body that there must be many monsters that are almost huge, which are taboo in this small world.
The law of this small world is also very strange. When the small world reaches a certain speed, there will be a sound explosion, but the speed of the monster bird’s random giant beak pecking has already exceeded the speed of the sonic boom in the human world, but it has not brought too much breath fluctuation.
Just think about the operation of Baiyun Tower and find out the trace of Little Red Bird.
A moment later, I finally found a red trace in the underground of a river. The Baiyun Tower secretly smiled. The little red bird hid its body, but it did not even notice the smell of the demon bird.
Presumably, the little red bird in the fairy array of the former Kunlun escaped the lock of the fairy array and directly escaped into the silence of the stone tablet. I don’t know how many years have passed, so it is absolutely serious for the little red bird to collect interest and make holes.
"Aly, come out, the demon bird flies away …" It is perceived that there is nothing unusual in Fiona Fang for dozens of miles to wake up the little red bird.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-one incarnation demon birds
A moment later, a red shadow flew from the bottom of the river and fell on the shoulder of Baiyun Tower.
The little red bird muttered, "If the bird is afraid of this demon bird, it is bigger."
Baiyun Building laughed. "It’s also a matter of being big. If we fix it now, it’s estimated that even the demon birds and birds are not cooked …"
"It’s also …" Aly looked down at his rather weak figure and nodded to admit it.
Just now, I have tried some techniques to try Baiyun Tower, which has made it clear that some rules of heaven in this small world are similar to those in the small world.
It is because of these subtle differences that people always feel that the law is integrated.
Just like this small world is also filled with a unique aura, the Baiyun Tower absorbs refining and refining, and it is difficult to exert the magical power of the technique by self-cultivation.
This should be the problem that Elder Martial Sister Qingchi said before about the harmony between heaven and earth. Now she is regarded as an alien creature law, which can change the rules of heaven in this small world and adjust her breath to adapt herself.
Normal monks can only fit in with the new small world after several years of practice, and ordinary creatures have to inherit for generations before they can be accepted by the rules of heaven.
However, monks who cultivate advanced knowledge usually fine-tune their breath to fit the rules of heaven in the small world.
It’s convenient for Baiyun Tower to find out the soul-transforming technique from the general program of devil refining. At this time, it’s time to send a field.
This place is too dangerous, Baiyun Tower is not in a hurry to act, but with a little red bird hidden in the crown of a giant tree, and then use the soul-transforming technique to change the body knowledge into the demon bird.
That demon bird has a lot of feathers all over its body, and it is too hard to melt its soul. If it hadn’t been for the recent period, Baiyun Tower has been exercising its body and knowledge, it would be able to melt its soul smoothly.
Finally, it took a whole hour to turn his body into a spirited demon bird.
When the elder brother was transfiguring, the little red bird also knew the meaning of the elder brother and tried to transfiguration with a shake.
Fortunately, it’s all a bird shape, but it’s much smoother.
The incarnation of the demon bird Baiyun Tower suddenly released a layer of shackles.
As the heterogeneous spirit force inhaled the chest and abdomen Baiyun Tower, it immediately felt full of powerful power.
This is a natural rule. After changing the appearance and breath into a demon bird with the soul-transforming technique, this small world shape gives this demon a powerful natural avatar.
And the demon body is very powerful. As soon as it takes shape, it has the magic weapon strength comparable to the protective spirit.
Aly, a little red bird, also felt this change and benefit. She couldn’t help but jump out of the gap in the canopy with a single shot of her feet and jumped out for miles by physical force.
The magical power of this technique makes the little red bird very happy. The wings fly freely in the middle of the exhibition, and the strength of flapping wings is many times stronger than that of the body.
The little red bird jumped up and ran back to the crown of the giant tree and hit the branches and leaves, and finally hit a thick trunk.
Although the giant tree was shaken, it was safe and sound. Only a small piece of bark fell off, but the little red bird was hit and a little dizzy.
It seems that although it is strong in itself, the life in this world is also extraordinary, and a tree without intelligence is as strong as this.
Baiyun Tower laments that it is necessary to keep a low profile and find the most powerful thing with fluctuating breath as soon as possible. It is better to get out of this dream world early and wait for yourself to go back for the New Year.
Although vaguely aware that there is something similar to the time flow in Yunxiao Manor, I am not sure whether it is a quick victory or a quick victory when I enter this tower for the first time.
The Baiyun Tower on the top of the giant tree was slightly sensed for a moment, and then it was harvested. If the breath fluctuated, it was difficult to tell whether it was a thing with a strong fluctuation, but it could detect the direction of the strong fluctuation faintly.
Find a clue. The spirit of Baiyun Tower vibrates and gently calls for the little red bird to spread its wings and fly along the dense forest to the depths of the mountain.
However, this dense forest is not comfortable and didn’t fly far. More than a foot of ivy leaves rolled over the Baiyun Tower and the little red bird flicker to avoid it. It was a fright.
I was surprised that the delicate flowers were in full bloom, and suddenly I took the little red bird cover with the flowers to the little red bird. I was eager to show a trace of truth, and a dazzling red flame burst through the petals to escape.
But like a disaster, it was harassed by several demon vines in the jungle.
See the little red bird some pot Baiyun Lou dun side grabbed the little red bird taxiing demon body breath wrapped wings fan fell a demon vine rushed out of the jungle that temporarily get rid of the entanglement.
It seems that there are many monsters in the jungle, so it is better to walk along the river. Although there may be giant monsters in this river, the vision is wide and the monsters can attack before.
During the flight, there were occasional giant demons jumping out of the river, but they were all dodged by Baiyun Tower.
A giant fish more than a foot long opened its mouth and wanted to devour the Baiyun Tower. The claws were torn in two by the Baiyun Tower and fell into the river, which became food for other creatures in the river.
After killing the giant fish with one claw, the Baiyun Tower couldn’t help but stop its shape and stop the little red bird and said, "Killing these monsters can actually increase its strength, so it seems that it can finally break the breath wave animal."
The little red bird is not in a hurry when he hears that there is such a good thing.
This kind of growth is temporary, but I thought about the Baiyun Tower but didn’t wake up the little red bird to cheer me up.
Then, one big, one small and two demon birds along the river and dense forest, Bian Zhuan picked a single monster, and the strength of one person and one bird soared and doubled in just half a day.
Only in the middle of the river can a giant crab suddenly rush out of the river, trying to hunt two small demon birds, but it was narrowly avoided by taxiing two demon birds.
Sensing the extraordinary breath of cancer, Baiyun Tower decided that it would be inconvenient to take the crab shell too hard to incarnate the demon bird.
In the end, the Baiyun Tower hit a real fire and sensed that there was nothing in dozens of miles. He simply turned out to be the original shape, and the sword was turned into a sword. While the cancer was in a daze, it quickly chopped off a giant claw of cancer.
The little red bird also took the opportunity to spit out a mass of pure fire, and went straight down the wound into the white cloud tower of the cancer body, and also took advantage of the royal sword to break into the wound and find that it was not a brain-opening sword.
Cancer immediately shivered and faded into pieces of aura, leaving a crab bead overflowing with aura.
What powerful creatures may be born again in the small world when the majestic aura returns to this tower?
Chapter three hundred and seventy-two Refining demon body
It is this crab bead that has greatly increased the strength of Baiyun Tower and Little Red Bird.
The little red bird has tasted the sweetness and is more active. It has taken the initiative to provoke all kinds of animals and monsters.
It was a very difficult python that was accidentally provoked. Its strength was unusually tough, its body was dozens of feet long and its scales were very solid.
Even if the Baiyun Tower turns into a demon bird’s claw with soaring strength, it will be hard to hurt. This python will not only spit out poisonous fog, but also be very powerful and instantly thrown out, bringing out the sonic boom.
It turns out that the speed in this small world is fast enough to trigger the sonic boom. The Baiyun Tower roughly estimates that the speed of this python tail is about five times that of the sonic boom in the small world.
After some exploration, it is necessary to turn the flying sword into a feather shape when the white cloud building forms a demon bird.
But this python is so powerful that even after taxiing, the flying sword can’t break the hard scales.
The speed of the python’s tail has also caused the little red bird to suffer a lot. If its strength had not increased, it would have become the food in the python’s mouth.
After a long period of success, Baiyun Tower took the little red bird for a while and then dumped the difficult python.
When I stopped, I realized that it was a hundred miles away from the big river just now.
Looking at the steaming volcano Baiyun Tower in front of me, my mind is moving and my mind is exploring. There is actually a strong breath here, but the fluctuation is not as strong as that in the distance
Now that I’m here, I’m going to find out something about Baiyun Tower. Elder martial sister Qingchi won’t let herself miss the Eve. Just feel at ease and explore this small world.
Just and python a dogfight also let Baiyun Tower see its own shortcomings. With today’s strength, it is estimated that even if the breath fluctuates strongly, it will be difficult to chop it up.
Thinking of this, the shape of the taxiing demon bird in Baiyun Tower moved and spread its wings to fly to the crater, and the little red bird quickly followed.
Looking at the Baiyun Tower in the vertical crater, I saw that the magma was churning in the depths of Baizhang.
A cliff is embedded with a few dazzling red spar, and it is from these few spar that the breath fluctuates, and the Baiyun Tower has not let its guard down, because there is not a weak crisis flashing in its mind.
The lava slurry is boiling, and there may be a demon hiding in the cliff. There are several claw marks, which shows that this demon is not small.

Tony’s account is naturally given a blue by Tony.

The driver called Hogan didn’t know that Zhang Lansuo didn’t start the car directly, but looked at Tony and nodded very naively before starting the car.
"How do you know?" Tony asked
"Know what? You mean this attack? Or Pepper, are you looking for a woman when you come back? " Zhang Lan’s irrelevant answer made Pepo turn red.
"Tony" Pepper in the front row is a little flustered. "Who is this? I’m sorry I don’t know him. "
Tony’s personal assistant. She needs to know everyone Tony knows, not change the subject.
Zhang Lan, an American Chinese, took 12% of the credit for my escape this time, Tony Pepper introduced, Lan, this is Pepper, my assistant.
"Zhang Lan, nice to meet you." Pepper politely turned around in the front row and tried to shake hands with Zhang Lan, but Tony took the small hand directly.
"Zhang Lan doesn’t like women’s places or I’ll just shake your hand."
Can this be tolerated? Zhang Lan can’t stand it anymore.
"Pepper’s trip was not bad. I spent two months with Tony and found that he would call a name in his dream when he went to bed at night, and that was Pepe Woo Woo."
Although passive and clumsy, Tony covered his mouth, but the word "Pei" appeared very obviously, but Tony was still a little unprepared and panicked
"Hey, buddy, you said there was no need to change the conditions, right?" Tony threatened that Zhang Lan had told Tony his request before he came back.
"Well, can I change it now?" Zhang Lan picked his eyebrows and glanced at Pepper. "What I ask is to give Pepper to me as an assistant? I give Pepper ten times the salary. "
This sentence is naturally a mockery of Tony. After all, he can’t afford such a high salary.
Pepper in the front row is also tense and staring at Tony in the rearview mirror. Obviously, she also wants to know the answer.
"No, you rob a guy by fire, this condition can’t be decided." Tony shouted abnormally. "Your original one was very good. I agreed."
Tony is excited to see Zhang Lanna move away and smile at Hogan in the front row. He can’t see Pepper’s mouth because he is sitting behind Pepper, but he must be happy to see Pepper’s eyebrows rising.
"Sir, here we are," Hogan interjected in time to relieve Tony’s embarrassment.
It is true that at the press conference, there is an old man with white beard knocking at the window, which is planning to kidnap Tony Obodai Stan.
Obodai personally Tony hit the car door, Tony hugged each other and greeted him warmly. Tony’s body didn’t seem to want Tony to die at all.
After Obodai said hello briefly, Tony Zhang Lan and Obodai introduced each other.
"Oh, Lan, thank you for saving Tony," Obodai said with great exaggeration. "You saved Stark Industries, you know? It’s like saving me, and I won’t live up to Howard after I die. "
Is this playing the emotional card with a guilty conscience?
Zhang Lanmian was not enthusiastic. He simply shook hands with Obodai and asked Tony if it was time to enter the arena. Although Zhang Lan needed the plot and didn’t tell Tony the true face of Obodai, it doesn’t mean that Zhang Lan can wear a hypocritical mask and try his best.
This is not his style. He doesn’t want to be so tired.
And Obodai is indifferent to Zhang Lan’s indifference. His expression is unpreparedness. He controls his emotions because of his basic work and Tony’s haha and goes to the release hall.
Zhang Lan didn’t usurp the host’s role, but was quiet. Pepper needed to know someone.
"Hello, Miss Potts, Mr. Zhang." Coulson’s tone of voice sounded.
"What is it?" Pepper politely responded.
"Can I have a word with you?" Coulson politely invited
"The press conference is not for me yet, but I want to see it." Pepper took Coulson as a reporter
"I’m not a reporter. I’m Agent Coulson representing the Homeland Security Bureau for Strategic Defense and Attack." A classic sentence reappears. Coulson handed Zhang Lan and Pepper a business card each.
"Wow," Pepper exclaimed. "What a detour."
"We also solve this problem."
"The Department of Defense, the FBI and the CIA have all looked for us."
"We are an independent department," Coulson interrupted Pepper. "We want to hear the details of Mr. Stark’s escape."
"Will I arrange it?" Pepper plays Tai Chi.
"Thank you," Coulson said politely and then turned to Zhang Lan. "So is Mr. Zhang available?"
Zhang Lan looked at Coulson’s trademark unsmiling and looked back at Tony, who had already sat down.
"Coulson" Zhang Lan said, "You shouldn’t be busy, should you? I think there will be a good show. Why don’t we watch it before we go? "
"As you wish," Coulson replied politely.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
PS this chapter is a bit long, because there are many film dialogues, so I have refined some of them into a chapter at will.
Chapter IV Recharge RMB Players
Chapter IV Recharge RMB Players
Zhang Lan watched with interest Tony’s boasting about his feelings about his two-month trip to the cave, and it was almost time to throw a blockbuster.
"I see, I realize." Tony got up from the floor and walked to the microphone. "I can contribute more to the world than making weapons. I decided to close the Stark Industrial Weapons Department."
As soon as this word came out, the reporters who sat on the ground didn’t respond directly, and even forgot the professional question. Obviously, they were very surprised.
Obodai, the old fox, got up and patted Tony on the shoulder and pushed him away from the microphone. Haha.
"OK, everyone has news. Our focus today is on Tognan coming back and"
Who will pay attention to Obodai’s bureaucratic answer? Nature is chasing Tony.
Watching the excitement, Zhang Lan glanced at it and was obviously surprised. Coulson and Pepper smiled knowingly.
"Pepper was surprised, right?" Zhang Lan teased Pepper, "Do you like Tony better?"
"Ah, yes, you’re right." Pepper also had to respond smoothly in the future and promised Zhang Lan that when she found out that her answer was ambiguous, Zhang Lan had already called this Coulson to the reception room.
"He’s my boss." Pepper whispered, and he didn’t know who he was talking to, or he was talking to himself.
On the other hand, poking fun at Pepper and Zhang Lan, it was only after Coulson reported the incident that he entered the topic.
"So Coulson, what do you want to know?"
"Is it okay for Mr. Zhang to call you that? You China put your last name first, I remember. "
"Of course, you have a good memory. Relatively speaking, I prefer you to call me Zhang Lan or Lan, just like you." Zhang Lan looked at his business card. "Homeland strategic defense attack logistics security bureau? SHIELD aegis? How about the name SHIELD? "
"Ah, this name is very good, we will consider it." Rao is a major in Coulson, and he also expressed a little disagreement about the span of Zhang Lan’s discourse.
"So Zhang Lan, we received information that you came from Afghanistan first, Tony returned to new york one night and took Tony’s special plane-but there was no record of you going abroad. What do you think of this?" Coulson cut to the chase.
"Ah, Stark’s poisonous mouth is so strict?" Zhang Lan was a little surprised and blurted out, then realized that this was Tony covering for himself, so I didn’t say much.
"Well, I was on the same plane as Tony when I went."
"But there was no record of your registration on that plane at that time. We asked Rhodes School and didn’t see you." Coulson naturally wouldn’t believe it.
"Then there is no way. I swear I’m telling the truth." Zhang Lan shrugged his shoulders and said that he didn’t know the transformation. Rod naturally couldn’t see himself.

"Who scold? Scold you, of course? Don’t look for miss if you want to be in estrus. Miss is not interested in you. "

Fengli was livid with anger. "You said Wang was in heat?"
It takes a beast to be called estrus … She … She actually said so about herself [
"Not who are you? If you want a woman, Miss can help you find it, but you can’t move Miss-Do you remember what you said? What makes a big man forget what he said so soon? "
Remembering what she said when she just married to Wangfu, Feng Li was a little flustered and said, "Of course Wang didn’t forget."
Jiang Xue bud cold hum a "what were you doing just now? If you do this to me, it will make me feel that you are interested in me. What do you think, sovereign? Do you already like me? "
Damn it, woman …
What a shame
He doesn’t like her.
Even if he likes a pig, he won’t like a woman like her
Phoenix glass bit her lip and raised her head angrily. "You are dreaming less. It is absolutely impossible for the king to like you. Wang Mu Wan just wanted to block your mouth. Who told you to keep talking? Wang listened upset."
He was a little guilty when he said this.
I wonder what it is, but he doesn’t know it either.
But he can be sure … The reason … is definitely not just because of what he said just now.
"You … I don’t care what you’re thinking. Anyway, you can’t touch me without my permission."
Then she got up and looked at him condescendingly. "Wash yourself slowly, miss. I don’t want to wait on you now."
Say that finish pick up the phoenix glass is still on the side of the robe wrapped in wet body turned around and never back to a head.
"King Mu Wan didn’t say you could go."
Phoenix glass roars a.
Jiang Xue Bud is still so determined and so natural and unrestrained, like a root, and he doesn’t listen to his words. Section 3: A big man is complaining.
Phoenix glass roars a.
Jiang Xue bud is still so determined and so natural and unrestrained, like a root, without listening to his words.
"Mu wan, don’t you dare to listen to the king …"
See Jiang Xue bud theory all ignore him phoenix glass messy in the wind.
She’s incredibly … incredibly arrogant … [
Damn woman
Why on earth can she be so dragged?
"Fengli, you are very noisy. Are you embarrassed that a big man is complaining?"
Jiang Xue Bud finally stopped and looked back at him when he was about to walk out of the hot spring pool.
Then … Spit out such a sentence to make Feng Li angry and then turn around and leave.
"Mu wan you …"
Mo saw Jiang Xue Bud coming out of the hot spring pavilion in a phoenix robe, and then he heard his own prince yelling in the hot spring pavilion.
He frowned and his lips twitched.
What’s going on?
Your majesty, has he been bullied by the princess again?
I remember being here once.
It’s almost the same situation …
The princess came out of the hot spring pavilion first, and then she heard the prince yelling inside.
How come every time … Your majesty is the bullied one?
Has always been bullying others report … Now being bullied by others again and again.
Ink think … This may … Maybe … Probably a good thing.
It’s also good to defeat the sovereign’s spirit. He is always so arrogant.
People ….. just should know how to be modest.
Back to Leng Yue Pavilion, Jiang Xue Bud Horse threw it into the courtyard like garbage [
Mrs. Mu was surprised to see her in such a mess, and then quickly went to her side and shouted, "Wan’er … what are you … what’s wrong with you?"
Isn’t it just to have a meal?
Why did you come back as a drowned rat?
"It’s okay, mom. I’ll go in and change."
Mrs Mu looked surprised. "Oh … good … good …"
Mrs. Yi Mu quickly handed a bowl of ginger soup. "Wan’er, drink it quickly. Don’t get cold. Section 4: That fox is a bit strange."
Mrs Mu looked surprised. "Oh … good … good …"
Mrs. Yi Mu quickly handed a bowl of ginger soup, "Wan’er, drink it quickly and don’t get cold."
Jiang Xue Bud frowned, took the bowl and drank the ginger soup in one breath.

A few people frightened to disgrace hurriedly past to help.

"I see who dares to move!" Jiang Feng’s anger and strong domineering make a person’s legs seem to be filled with heavy lead.
Can’t take another step Jiang Feng eye contact.
I don’t know when the clothes on my back were soaked in cold sweat.
"You … what do you want to do! ?”
"What to do! ?” Jiang Feng looked at them and Zhan Yan smiled. "Don’t be new here, don’t you know to take care of them! ?”
"take care! ?”
"Don’t talk nonsense, give me all the fairy stones, or your field will be just like this calf." Jiang Feng spat.
There is anger in my heart, and I pity them. A group of people should never touch Jiang Feng’s eyebrows.
"You … you’re too crazy. I don’t believe you can play the fourth hand with your fists!" Several people in the glances show pitfalls.
"hey! Hey! Hey! "
Powerful fairy energy rushed toward Jiang Fengchong. Several people were obviously veterans and attacked from all sides respectively.
No matter who Jiang Feng resists, he will be attacked by Yu Direction.
Everyone is holding a sword and the cold light shines.
Jiang Fenggen dismissive still don’t hide don’t flash by the other side to attack himself.
"touch!" sparks flying in all directions
Sharp weapons cut into Jiang Feng’s body, and the fire kept sputtering each other’s body as if it were an indestructible black iron.
You cann’t take a penny.
Everyone’s face is very ugly, even if they are stupid, they can find that their strength gap is not a packet.
But a bridge to cross the gap.
"All finished! ?”
Jiang Feng looked at them and asked
A few people suddenly tremble with fear. Just now, everyone in their leader’s field is obvious to all. Where do all people dare to stay and turn around and want to retreat?
It’s a pity that they think it’s still too beautiful
Jiang Feng cold drink a "shua! Hey! Hey! " See several ghosting immediately into all directions.
A few people feel a pain in the body and fly out uncontrollably.
The fist fell to the ground holding the chest and wailing.
"It’s just a matter of learning people come out to rob! ?” Jiang Feng watched him have a cold drink.
"Today I will show you what a real robbery is!"
"I …" Several people’s eyes were frightened and wanted to resist, but Kegen didn’t have the strength.
Jiang Feng strode directly to take them off.
Several people blushed and humiliated, holding their private parts in their hands. "You … you … flow!"
"Blare … what do you want to do …"
"Don’t do anything to rob, of course, you have to fight thoroughly. This is called real robbery." But Jiang Feng said here that he looked at each other with a lot of eyes and curled his mouth and said, "Nothing to catch a handful of rice and feed it."
"Hey! ?” Each other leng for a moment.
Jiang Feng directly explained that "chickens are too small to grow up without feeding"
"You …" The man was red.
Jiang Fenggen, however, didn’t they continue to say more and throw them out directly with a wave of his arm.
A few people are naked and messy in the cold wind outside.
"This wind … is so cool …" Someone muttered.
After teaching these people, Jiang Feng was in a better mood.
Now, no matter what, we must hibernate and play it by ear.
The second day early in the morning Jiang Feng woke up from uniting.
Before he left the room door, he was once again sounded by a fighter striding into the room.
"You are Jiang Feng! ?”
"Something! ?” Jiang Feng stared at him and asked
The other person nodded and waved and said, "Come with me!"
Jiang Feng hesitated for a moment and didn’t refuse. They soon came to the square and the man stopped and pointed to a big tree brush.
"Since you are a newcomer, you should know the rules and leave the toilets and squares around you to clean in the future."
The other side held its head high.
Jiang Feng frowned. It seems that anyone really stepped on himself.
"Let me go and clean the toilet! ?”
"What’s your problem? The couple should arrange it." The other party is straightforward.
This scene attracted many people to watch.
The original fighters are staring at each other, and it seems that they all show pity.
"Lao Lai bullied new people again!"
"Yes! Anyone who comes here will be bullied by him. It’s a shame for a fighter to clean the toilet. "
Everyone is talking about it, and many people are even more gloating.
They are also used to bullying new people by old people.
"Must I go! ?”
"why! Don’t you dare not go if you can find someone willing to help you, I don’t have any different opinions, "the man said, glancing around at them and asking," Is anyone willing to help him? ?”
Lao lai looks at each other
They all stepped back and their eyes were even more evasive.
Only a fool can help an urgent person.
Chapter 1322 Resident
At this time, a few people in the distance came along.
People careless very arrogant "what happened! ?”
A fighter next to him immediately showed respect when he saw this. "Lao Lai bullied people again."
The other party immediately showed excitement when they heard it.
This is their favorite thing to bully people.
"Let me be interesting to see who has been bullied." The other party pushed the fighter unceremoniously
Strode in.
But at first glance, the other person froze and his face was frightened.
Yes, this man was beaten by Jiang Feng yesterday.
He saw the Jiang Feng Jiang Feng also saw each other immediately with a smile at each other and said, "What a coincidence! ?”
The other party was psychologically shadowed by Jiang Feng before a face of embarrassment.
"Brother Wang, why are you here? It’s just a new kid. I’ll take care of him today," Lao Lai said with great exaggeration.
As soon as this word came out, the other person’s face was sweating like a pig.

But after a while, her eyelids jumped uncontrollably. It was just those people who left. So what’s the matter with Momo scampering behind?

"seeing Fujian off"
Momo Taotiao followed them all the way to the door, and then rolled to the ground as soon as the little hand loosened a bead.
"Pa" is very arrogant and aggressive, and he slipped and fell down.
At that time, the scene was a little quiet, Zongyi even fell blind, and then he blushed and glared at the door with Momo peach flying away.
Be stared Momo peach blinked a face of koo until people walked away, only a few steps ago to pick up the familiar beads, showing white rice teeth and laughing like a little fox.
Put away the beads
Momo peach proudly got up and went to persimmon and Ding Ying, who didn’t know what to do. She immediately put her hands behind her and looked at them piteously.
"What’s the matter?"
Persimmon diced should … What do you think?
And here in the recycling editor’s basket, song, small bowl and Wu Manzhu looked up and saw a group of people coming towards recycling and immediately stopped manual work.
You have something to say.
Momo Tao, I’m a Momo bear grudges, and when I think about it slowly, the enemy will fall. Thank you for casting the overlord ticket or irrigating the nutrient solution angel in the period of 5168:41:8~5161:47:4 ~
Thanks to the irrigation nutrient solution angel 15443851 bottles; Sleepy, please ask me to write a bottle when you see me;
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
Chapter 64 Chapter 64
Although Momo Tao sent Zongyi and others away, Ding Ying stayed.
"Sorry, I can’t help it," Ding Ying said, with a toothache. "These two directly seek my leadership."
He can’t think of it or not.
"It’s none of your business. They can find it without you." After all, it’s still easy to ask, "By the way, my luggage?"
"It’s still in the car. I’ll bring it to you later."
"Well" and care for each other.
Ding Ying is used to it, let alone him. Even with his family, I really haven’t seen how much persimmon likes to talk.
Is Momo peach dadada came running, upturned head looked at Ding Ying with a clever face.
"Uncle, why didn’t you come to see the Momo Peach Show?"
Laundry started again. Persimmon glanced at the cub. Isn’t this a question of knowing the past?
"Although I didn’t go, I knew that the performance of Momo Peach must be very good when I saw Uncle Momo Peach." Ding Ying smiled brightly.
Momo peach crooked head cocoa love, eyes sparkling "how can you tell?"
"Because Momo peaches are particularly beautiful today, just like fairies."
"Oh, Momo Peach feels the same way."
The two began to flatter each other.
"…" Persimmon already don’t want to talk.
After the persimmon was washed, they went to get the luggage back. Compared with when they went there, the persimmon brought back more things in small bags.
You can eat and dress a lot.
"Y province, there are many wild fruits and fungi in Shan Ye. Sometimes I go out and turn around there, and the pipe is looser. There are many people in the black market …"
This time I went to Y province, although I had some accidents and was tired, I gained a lot.
Don’t say that all these dried mushrooms, dried fungus and dried bamboo shoots can add another dish to the table.
"I bought a lot, and you can take it back when you go back with the milk in a few days." Persimmon smiled a little.
She starts school in two days, but she can’t go back, and her mother doesn’t have time to go to work, but Momo Tao hasn’t been home for three months, so she has to go back and have a look.
Otherwise, the family will not know how worried they are.
"Go back to find wild fruit" sounded bright when he heard that he was going back to Momo.
Now there are a lot of wild fruits in the mountains in October, especially in the area before Xiaojin.
"Tell dad to go with you, but don’t take anyone else." Persimmon told me.
This group of monkeys is not easy to mess with. Besides, those monkeys are kind to them and don’t have to frame them.
It’s always inappropriate to let others know that place.
Momo’s eyebrows wrinkled when she heard this, and she made some minor corrections. Call her dad.
Although I think my father is super powerful, Momo Peach still has a score for this kind of work.
His father can’t work.
Persimmon also remembered this mouth. "That’s enough. How much do you want to bring?"
"Lots and lots of dada" Momo peach cocked his finger and murmured "Big brother and second brother … Xiaohua Xiaomei Xiaohe …"
"There is money for money."
Persimmon rolled his eyes in English. Boy, this Momo is greedy enough
"All right," pat her on the head. "Come and help me divide things. Put some in one basket and six baskets."
Uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle and uncle.